Tuesday, March 1, 2011

News: Facebook still going to share your address/phone # with external sites

Over a month ago, I wrote Facebook now enabling annoying phone calls and paper junk mail? and shortly thereafter they pulled the plan.

But it sounds like it's back on the table, along with an updated privacy policy format.

Given that anyone can buy a targeted Facebook advertisement, is this going to lead to new levels of stalking and general harassment from "adveritisers" who think it's totally worth a few bucks to get the phone #s of all the women who they might find attractive in their metro area? Awkward.

As usual, I recommend not having private contact information available in Facebook for your own safety.


Unknown said...

Facebook keeps reminding me that my account security is only "medium" because I won't give them my phone number. Here is yet another reason NOT to give it to them.

Terri Oda said...

I'm torn between amusement and dismay that Facebook has such a tradeoff between account security and personal security...