Friday, June 24, 2011

I admit, I laughed: LulzSec as popular as orgasms?

Unless you've been ignoring the news for the past few weeks, you've probably seen mention of LulzSec, and if you're a security person you've probably seen this article about Why [security folk] secretly love LulzSec. The short version is that they're the latest hacker gang, and rather than profit or social justice, they're just in it for the lulz. They're really making the state of computer security more obvious to the layperson:

LulzSec is running around pummelling some of the world's most powerful organisations into the ground... for laughs! For lulz! For shits and giggles! Surely that tells you what you need to know about computer security: there isn't any.

While I often joke that web security is an oxymoron, they demonstrate it in the funniest ways they can find. As a web security researcher, I have to admit that their antics often make me laugh... and kinda make me wish I was allowed to use stolen data for research -- all those passwords! Data was always hard to come by when I did my spam immune system work so that much just makes me salivate a little, even if I'm pretty sure our ethics committee wouldn't let me touch it. And it's not like I do authentication research. But still! Data! I hope someone's doing cool things with it.

But here's a bit of meta-lulz: LulzSec scam discovered on Facebook - but it's not what you think. The excellent Graham Cluley discovers a Facebook scam that purports to have a picture of a LulzSec suspect, and then he sleuths out that the pixelated bait picture is, in fact, of another hacker arrested in 2008.

This means that LulzSec is apparently now so newsworthy that potential pictures of them can be used as bait for Facebook scams. They're up there with Obama, celebrity sex tapes and the ever-popular dislike button.

I don't know about you, but I got a great chuckle out of the thought that LulzSec might be as popular as orgasms... at least when it comes to scam bait.

And to end with more lulz, here's my favourite LulzSec tweet of today, which came in the midst of explaining what they had and hadn't actually hacked as the media attributes everything and anything to them:

@LulzSec: Though we did attack the actual sun... that bitch was down all last night.

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